Not All Fund Managers Are the Same

06 May, 2022

There is an important alignment of interest between Angas Prime and investors which is not found with all fund managers. Investors get paid first. If investors are not paid then Angas Prime does not get paid.

There are many companies in the marketplace that hold Australian Financial Services Licences to manage or invest money.

What do these companies invest in? What precisely are “alternative assets”? How are their “superior returns” generated? Angas Prime invests in registered first mortgage loans secured over real estate for short loan terms at interest rates greater than those charged by banks. This is a very specific and well-defined investment. Individual loan selection is left to Angas Prime as manager of the Fund but the loan parameters are clearly set out in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) provided to prospective investors before funds can be lodged with the Fund.

Whilst the class of assets is identified, there is diversification across the entire Angas Prime loan portfolio. The loan assets are selected and managed by Angas Prime. All investors bear the same exposure proportionate to the size of their investment. Income and capital repayment risk is spread across all loans. Preserving capital and generating returns are underpinned by decades of experience of Angas Securities as a dedicated commercial lending specialist. Angas Prime does not provide financial advice. Investors should seek their own financial advice before deciding whether to invest. Angas Prime is licensed to provide general product advice. You can contact Angas Prime to discuss features of the Fund so that you can know what you are investing in.

Our investors get paid first. If investors are not paid then Angas Prime does not get paid.

This feature provides peace of mind to Angas Prime investors. Although past performance does not guarantee future performance, investors can note that since 2010 when Angas Securities became Responsible Entity of the Fund, Angas Prime investors have always been paid the Target Rate of return. These returns are paid from the first day of your investment, subject only to lodgement of funds with a fully completed application form duly executed with proof of identity for compliance purposes. Investors who have $500,000 or more to invest may qualify for a premium rate. These returns are paid electronically to your nominated bank account mid-month. It’s all about wealth generation done better.

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