Get Ahead of the Curve

02 Nov, 2022

The cost of living is on the way up. An investment in Angas Prime Income Fund is an ideal way to increase your income. Angas Prime advances investor funds in a pool of commercial loans backed by registered first mortgages over Australian real estate. The income from these loans enables Angas Prime to set a Target Rate that is paid monthly to investors. The Fund raises money for 12-month terms** and generally lends money for similar terms (sometimes a little shorter and sometimes a little longer). This "back-to-back" lending provides rolling inflows and outflows of loans for fixed rates at fixed terms.

There have been five consecutive increases in the Reserve Bank's official interest rate. These did not immediately impact Angas Prime's portfolio of fixed rate/fixed term commercial loans. However, the loan book is progressively being repriced as existing loans expire and new loans are being written. It will take some time for the loan book to pick up the full effect of this cycle, but the trend is upwards.

As interest rates rise, let the trend be your friend!
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