Compliance is More Important Than Ever

01 Oct, 2021

The Audit Risk Management and Compliance Committee has responsibilities which include oversight and supervision of compliance and risk management. In addition, Angas Prime has its own Compliance Committee. In conformity with the Corporations Act, a majority of the Compliance Committee’s members are independent of Angas Prime. The Compliance Committee oversees Angas Prime’s adherence to the matters set out in its Compliance Plan. Together, these two committees provide a structured process so that Angas Prime will comply with all its regulatory obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and other legislation which impacts on the conduct of its business.

Angas Prime also has an established management framework which includes an internal control and review system, an independent external consultant to conduct reviews the AML operations and to recommend change if required, a dedicated Head of Compliance who oversees the Compliance Officer, a business risk management process which is actively implemented as well as appropriate ethical standards in place which are based on the Australian Institute of Company Directors Code of Conduct.

Several members of Angas Prime staff and management have their own investments in the Fund, but neither they, nor their related parties, are entitled to invest on terms which are more generous than those available to other investors or otherwise on terms which are uncommercial or which confer an improper financial advantage.

Angas Primes makes continuous disclosure to its investors. Where appropriate, Angas Prime fulfils its continuous disclosure obligations by way of website disclosure. If required, a Supplementary or replacement Product Disclosure Statement will be issued.

Angas Prime is committed to a policy of upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout the organisation. Compliance is integrated into all aspects of Angas Prime’s activities. The compliance program is designed to ensure that adequate safeguards are built into the structure, systems and processes used by Angas Prime by means of effective internal checks to verify that any non-compliance can be prevented or detected and acted upon immediately.


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