Angas Prime Hits the Target

09 Mar, 2022

Since its establishment in 1984 as Prime Mortgage Trust, the Fund, which has been known as Angas Prime since 2010, has delivered returns through the management of pooled funds invested in registered mortgages over Australian real property.

Investors are offered a target rate of return which has been met in full and on time whilst the Fund has operated as Angas Prime. The target rate is reviewed quarterly by the Angas Securities Board and is currently 4.75% p.a.* paid monthly.

Management of first mortgage investments is a specialised business.

Angas Prime is now the pooled investment arm of Angas Securities, itself a very experienced mortgage lender which is now in our twenty second year of operation as a non-bank lender.

The basics of first mortgage lending remain the same despite changes in the regulatory environment and the great increase in wealth over the last forty years since the Fund was established.

Australians are living longer. More than ever, they need to generate income to build up their “nest eggs” during their working years or to meet their living expenses in retirement.

Want to earn a monthly income? Call us today!

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