Angas Premium Can Boost Your Returns

01 Oct, 2021

Are you frustrated by irregular and volatile dividends on your investment portfolio? Is the management of direct property or share investments no longer worth the effort? Whilst finding suitable ways to generate solid returns may seem to be getting harder every day, Angas Prime may be able to help you. Angas Prime investors are paid a regular rate of return every month. Currently the target rate is 4.95% p.a. on investments from as little as $10,000. Angas Prime’s target rate has always been met every month and paid to investors. For those with larger sums to invest, Angas Premium is now on offer.

By rebating portion of its management fee, Angas Premium delivers a higher distribution to investors who make new investments or roll over existing investments of $500,000 or more. A new investment of $500,000 will qualify for the Angas Premium target rate of 5.45% p.a.* being 0.5% above the prevailing target rate. The Angas Premium rate is even higher for investments of $1.0 million or more. Please note that the Angas Premium terms apply to standalone investments only. Could Angas Premium be suitable for you?

You could earn 4.95% p.a.* or more paid monthly

If you are interested in taking advantage of Angas Premium then please Contact Angas Prime on 1800 018 000 for more details. Angas Prime investor relations staff are happy to meet you in person or speak to you by telephone to discuss investment terms and distribution rate options. Enjoy a competitive rate of return on your investment paid monthly.

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