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Angas Prime aims to provide investors with a monthly income, in-line with a target rate of return. Investors share in the income generated from the Fund in proportion to their investment. With local staff only and no call centres, we help make the process of investing easy and accessible.
Angas Prime aims to provide investors with income in line with the target rate by investing in a wide range of commercial loans secured by registered first mortgages primarily comprising residential and development land with broad geographic diversification across Australia. Almost all of the assets of Angas Prime will be invested in mortgages to enable Angas Prime to meet the target rate.
Call our Investor Service Line on 1800 010 800 or get in touch via our Contact page.

Request a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement ("PDS") and we will send one out to you by email or post. When you are satisfied with the contents of the PDS, simply complete the application form and send it to us for processing.

Once we have received your application form and identification requirements, your investment funds can simply be deposited via EFT or cheque.
Angas Prime distributes income to investors. It does not pay interest. Income is paid to investors by direct credit to the investor’s nominated bank account monthly. Income distributions are not guaranteed. Read more in FAQ “What do you mean by target rate?”.
Income is paid to investors by direct credit to the investor’s nominated bank account monthly.
The rate of return on investments is not fixed. Rather, the investment return is subject to a 'target rate' of return. The Angas Prime Target Rate is paid in the form of income distributions and is the maximum rate of return that Angas Prime aims to provide to investors each month. The Target Rate may vary from time to time during the term of the investment. Any change to the target rate is advised to investors in writing and reflected immediately in distributions paid. If the Target Rate falls, you may receive lower than expected returns.
The Angas Prime Target Rate is currently 6.5% p.a.*, effective 1 January 2024.
Investors with larger sums invested may receive a premium rate of return, called Angas Gold. An investment of $500,000 may qualify for the Angas Gold 50 premium rate of 0.5% above the prevailing Target Rate. Angas Gold 100 is for investments of $1.0 million or more and offers 1.0% above the prevailing Target Rate. Angas Gold 150 offers Target Rate plus 1.5% for investments of $1.5 million or more. Rates and terms are available on application.

Please contact Angas Prime on 1800 010 800 to learn how you could be earning a superior rate of return, paid monthly, with Angas Gold.
The target rate is reviewed from time to time by the Angas Securities Board. Investor funds are pooled together and invested in first registered mortgages. Angas Prime will endeavour to hold a well-balanced portfolio of loans together with cash to meet liquidity requirements of the fund. Product and industry knowledge, regulatory compliance, together with the Company’s expertise, are all part of the disciplined approach which has enabled solid results to be delivered consistently to investors. Although past performance does not guarantee future performance, investors can note that to date the Angas Prime target rate of return has been met in full and on time.
The minimum investment amount is $10,000. A minimum additional investment amount of $1,000 (and in multiples of $1,000 thereafter) applies. Any additional funds may be added to an existing investment up to ninety (90) days from the maturity date of the investment.
No fee is charged to make an investment in the fund, to add further amounts to the initial investment or to withdraw funds, provided funds are only withdrawn on the maturity date. A management fee of 2.2% is paid to Angas as fund manager. In addition to the Management Fee, apart from interest payable from the borrower Angas may also receive a Performance Fee. Please refer to the description of the Dedicated Reserve Account ("DRA"). The Performance Fee (if any) is net of payment into the DRA. In addition, Angas receives various indirect costs from the borrower. Examples of these indirect costs appear in the PDS in the Fees and Other Costs section.
An investor’s initial investment will mature 12 months from the end of the month in which it was lodged. Each investor has a right to make a written withdrawal request at least 7 days prior to the maturity date of the investment. If a high number of withdrawals are requested in a certain month, the right of withdrawal may take longer to process. Income will continue to be paid to the investor until such time as the withdrawal request can be met.
Angas Prime is under no obligation to allow the early withdrawal of funds, but will consider a request under extraordinary circumstances, or in the case of financial hardship of the investor. An early withdrawal is entirely at the discretion of Angas Prime and will only be allowed if the liquidity of the fund permits, taking into consideration any detriment caused for other investors. If granted, a fee of 3.3% will be payable. Please refer to the PDS for a full breakdown of the applicable exit fees.
Angas Prime is a registered Managed Investment Scheme investing in first mortgage lending. A Managed Investment Scheme is a scheme where people contribute money as consideration to acquire rights to benefits produced by a scheme. The contributions are pooled, or used in a common enterprise, to produce financial benefits or benefits consisting of rights or interests in property for the people who hold the interests in the scheme. The members do not have day-to-day control over the operation of the scheme.
Angas Prime is a pooled mortgage scheme, which means that an investor's funds are spread over the whole mortgage portfolio, that is, the member has exposure to the whole scheme, not a specific mortgage. Investors share in the income generated from the Fund in proportion to their investment.
A mortgage trust or mortgage fund is a type of Managed Investment Scheme, operated by a fund manager. The fund receives investors’ money and uses it to make loans secured by registered first mortgages over real property. The fund manager deducts their management fees for running and operating the fund and investors receive a net distribution based on the income the fund has received from its lending activities. Fund assets are owned by investors subject to the terms of the trust. Funds are pooled with money owned by other investors and invested in mortgages which Angas Prime finds and manages. Please read the PDS carefully to see if the risk factors are compatible with your investment objectives.
Investors share in the income generated from Angas Prime in proportion to their investment. Angas Prime is unitised, meaning an investor is issued with units in the fund with a face-value of $1.00 per unit. Each investor’s interest in Angas Prime is a fractional and beneficial interest in the whole of the fund. It is not an interest in any particular investment of Angas Prime or in any specific Angas Prime asset.
Angas Securities is a non-bank financial institution. Angas Prime is a managed investment scheme managed by Angas Securities as responsible entity.
Like any investment, Angas Prime has an element of risk. The TMD and PDS contain important information which you should read carefully to make sure the product is right for you. The PDS provides details of investment risks and how Angas manages them. There is no guarantee of either capital or income.
Angas Prime maintains a Dedicated Reserve Account in order to support income distributions and meet capital losses on individual assets should Angas Prime incur any from time to time. Any funds in the Dedicated Reserve Account as at 30 June each year will be distributed to the fund manager.
A Product Disclosure Statement, or PDS, is a document that sets out the terms and conditions of the investment, including disclosure against the benchmarks and disclosure principles outlined in ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 45. It also contains the Application Form and information on how to go about investing in Angas Prime.
A Target Market Determination is a document that describes who a financial product is appropriate for (target market) and any conditions around how the product can be distributed to customers.

Angas is required to have Target Market Determinations under the Treasury Laws Amendment (Design and Distribution Obligations and Product Intervention Powers) Act 2019.

You can find our Target Market Determination for Angas Prime on the "For You" section of the Angas Prime page.

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