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Natalie Gatis appointed Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Gatis accepted the offer to become the next Chief Executive Officer of Angas Securities. Her appointment was effective from June 15 2021. Natalie is a highly qualified practicing lawyer who brings more than a decade of professional experience to the CEO role. This includes the past five years working at Angas Securities where she has held a range of key management positions. Prior to joining Angas Securities in an executive capacity, Natalie practiced as a lawyer at national law firm Thomson Geer assisting major lending institutions. Her breadth of expertise spans commercial litigation, corporate governance, compliance and legal risk management and mitigation, investor relations and the management of mortgage securities with clients in the financial services and banking sectors. She also brings strong commercial aptitude to the CEO role through her management experience with Angas Securities.

Angas Securities Executive Chairman Andrew Luckhurst-Smith said that Ms Gatis’ expertise is ideally suited to lead the company as it looks to capitalise on strong property market conditions and continue to grow its retail mortgage trust funds, Angas Prime and Angas Direct. “Angas Securities relies on a strong internal culture to remain prosperous and successful. Importantly, Natalie comes with the great advantage of being well integrated in the company’s culture, having been here for the past five years,” Mr Luckhurst-Smith said. “Her in-depth knowledge of Angas’ retail mortgage trust funds, investor base and understanding of company dynamics means that she’s ideally suited to take us forward as Angas Prime looks to maintain momentum off the back of high levels of confidence from commercial borrowers and property developers. The announcement has been very warmly received by our staff and our investors, which is a testament to the reputation and relationships that Natalie has built.”

Mr Luckhurst-Smith also paid tribute to departing CEO Brian Doherty, citing his strong leadership during a transition period for Angas Securities. “The board would like to thank Brian for his efforts over the past five years and the past three as CEO. His leadership has been integral as we shifted our focus to the growth of our retail mortgage products. Coming from the stockbroking industry, Brian has always demonstrated strong investor-relations skills and has been a calm and confident leader for our investors and staff. The directors see a lot of these traits echoed in Natalie, so I feel confident that it will be a very smooth transition.”

Ms Gatis said she is looking forward to taking the next step up in her career and believes her broad skill base will be an asset to Angas Securities. “The opportunity to become Chief Executive Officer of Angas Securities represents an exciting next step for me,” Ms Gatis said. “My professional and academic career has provided me with extensive experience and a strong foundation of knowledge that I believe I can build upon to drive continuous operational improvement, increase revenue and maintain sound returns for Angas Prime investors.”

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Angas Premium can boost your returns

Are you frustrated by irregular and volatile dividends on your investment portfolio? Is the management of direct property or share investments no longer worth the effort? Whilst finding suitable ways to generate solid returns may seem to be getting harder every day, Angas Prime may be able to help you. Angas Prime investors are paid a regular rate of return every month. Currently the target rate is 4.95% p.a. on investments from as little as $10,000. Angas Prime’s target rate has always been met every month and paid to investors. For those with larger sums to invest, Angas Premium is now on offer.

By rebating portion of its management fee, Angas Premium delivers a higher distribution to investors who make new investments or roll over existing investments of $500,000 or more. A new investment of $500,000 will qualify for the Angas Premium target rate of 5.45% p.a. being 0.5% above the prevailing target rate. The Angas Premium rate is even higher for investments of $1.0 million or more. Please note that the Angas Premium terms apply to standalone investments only. Could Angas Premium be suitable for you?

You could earn 5.45% p.a. or more paid monthly.

If you are interested in taking advantage of Angas Premium then please Contact Angas Prime on 1800 018 000 for more details. Angas Prime investor relations staff are happy to meet you in person or speak to you by telephone to discuss investment terms and distribution rate options. Enjoy a competitive rate of return on your investment paid monthly.

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Compliance is more important than ever

The Audit Risk Management and Compliance Committee has responsibilities which include oversight and supervision of compliance and risk management. In addition, Angas Prime has its own Compliance Committee. In conformity with the Corporations Act, a majority of the Compliance Committee’s members are independent of Angas Prime. The Compliance Committee oversees Angas Prime’s adherence to the matters set out in its Compliance Plan. Together, these two committees provide a structured process so that Angas Prime will comply with all its regulatory obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 and other legislation which impacts on the conduct of its business. Angas Prime also has an established management framework which includes an internal control and review system, an independent external consultant to conduct reviews the AML operations and to recommend change if required, a dedicated Head of Compliance who oversees the Compliance Officer, a business risk management process which is actively implemented as well as appropriate ethical standards in place which are based on the Australian Institute of Company Directors Code of Conduct.

Several members of Angas Prime staff and management have their own investments in the Fund, but neither they, nor their related parties, are entitled to invest on terms which are more generous than those available to other investors or otherwise on terms which are uncommercial or which confer an improper financial advantage. Angas Primes makes continuous disclosure to its investors. Where appropriate, Angas Prime fulfils its continuous disclosure obligations by way of website disclosure. If required, a Supplementary or replacement Product Disclosure Statement will be issued. Angas Prime is committed to a policy of upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour throughout the organisation. Compliance is integrated into all aspects of Angas Prime’s activities. The compliance program is designed to ensure that adequate safeguards are built into the structure, systems and processes used by Angas Prime by means of effective internal checks to verify that any non-compliance can be prevented or detected and acted upon immediately.

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