Dispute Resolution

As part of its on-going commitment to the development of enduring relationships with its clients, Angas Securities Limited has developed this policy for addressing and resolving any complaints that may arise.

Internal Dispute Resolution

Angas Securities Limited offers an internal dispute resolution process to help clients resolve their complaints arising from their dealings with the Company.

Angas considers a complaint where there is an expression of dissatisfaction made to Angas, related to its products or services, or the complaints handling process itself, where a response or resolution is explicitly or implicitly expected.

Clients may contact Angas by phone on 1800 010 800 (free call), or email at reception@angassecurities.com.

Any investor complaints are considered in the first instance by the WA Investor Relations Manager (in the case of Western Australian clients) and the South Australian Investor Relations Manager in all other States. Where one of those officers is the subject of the dispute then the complaint will be dealt with by the other. Each manager is required to review and discuss the basis of the complaint and seek to resolve the matter as promptly and amicably as possible in formulating the complaint as well as offering any appropriate and reasonable assistance (where required). The manager may contact the client by phone or mail in order to obtain further information. Angas will immediately acknowledge the receipt of complaints and address them promptly.

Should a complaint not be capable of resolution by the designated manager within 5 days (or earlier as the case may be), then the matter will be referred to the Compliance Officer (the CO). The CO will endeavour to resolve the matter with a written response to the client within 14 days of the matter being referred to the CO. The CO may contact the client by phone or mail in order to obtain further information.

If the complaint is resolved, a letter will be sent to the client confirming the terms of the resolution. Otherwise, the CO will set out their reasons for refuting the client's complaint.

If Angas is unable to resolve the complaint to the client’s satisfaction within 30 days, the client may take the complaint to Angas’s External Dispute Resolution Scheme, even if Angas is still considering it (assuming the complaint is within the scheme’s terms of reference). The letter will provide information on Angas’s membership with an External Dispute Resolution provider and the ways in which the client may access that service.

The above complaints-handling process is available to clients free of charge and Angas Securities will strive to protect clients’ confidentiality. Personally identifiable information concerning the complainant will be available where needed, but only for the purposes of addressing the complaint within Angas Securities and will be actively protected from disclosure, unless the complainant expressly consents to its disclosure.

Angas Securities is committed to continual improvement. Clients who have suggestions about improvements to our service – including the way complaints are handled – should contact us.

External Dispute Resolution - Australian Financial Complaints Authority

A client may refer an unresolved complaint to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). Angas Securities is a member of AFCA – Membership No. 411743. For further details go to afca.org.au.

The role and procedures of AFCA are set out in the AFCA Rules which are not replicated in this policy document. In summary, AFCA deals with client complaints by:-

  • providing consumers with a free, accessible alternative to legal proceedings for the resolution of their complaints against its members;
  • acting as an ASIC-approved complaints resolution body for the financial services industry; and
  • actively facilitating the resolution of complaints about financial services.

The broad aim of AFCA is to provide for the independent and prompt resolution of consumers' complaints against members, having regard to:

relevant legal requirements and rights provided by law to consumers;

  • applicable codes of practice;
  • good industry practice in the financial services industry; and
  • fairness in all the circumstances.


Angas Securities will provide clients with remedies which are as fair and appropriately crafted to the circumstances as possible. In determining what remedy may be appropriate, Angas Securities will have regard to the terms of any relevant disclosure document, relevant legal and equitable principles, industry best practice and concepts of fairness.

For further information please email us at reception@angassecurities.com.

Issued: 29/04/2020

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